Reading Room

Consultation and Requests

The Reading Room is open to the public only by appointment (to be requested only by e-mail by writing to the institutional address [email protected]), from Tuesday through Thursday, from 10.00 to 14.00, for consultation of the photographic heritage, specialized library, and archival documents.

How to apply for consultation by appointment

Photographic heritage: in the e-mail request it is necessary to specify in a defined way the subject of the research and, if already known, the placing of the photographs requested for consultation. Before making the request, please remember to check whether what you are interested in is on, so as to identify the essential elements, such as placement and subject, necessary for the proper finding of the material. The appointment will be confirmed by e-mail.

Specialized library: in the e-mail request it is necessary to specify the placement of the publications (books, journals) requested, identified through the OPAC of the National Library Service (SBN), where all the Institute library heritage is catalogued.

Archival documents: in the e-mail request it is necessary to specify the Photographic Fund to which the requested archival documentation belongs, which will be identifiable at the headquarters through the consultation of computerized and paper inventories.

Modes of research, consultation of the photographic heritage and request of images

On-site consultation of the photographic heritage stored at the Institute could be preceded and/or supplemented by consultation of what is on the website, through which it is possible to:

- search for images through the use of keywords

- download digital images in low resolution

- find the basic data of the images, and in particular their placing, for requests for in-house consultation of the originals or for requests for high-resolution digital files, to be made by filling in the form in the "Image Request" section of the site (available from the drop-down menu on the home page)

The following are available for consultation at the Study Room: the SIRBeCweb database; paper and computerized inventories; and mobile card catalogs.

For more details and clarifications, please read carefully "Avvertenze Utenti"