Institutional Activities


The collection is restored and placed in climate controlled storage areas, in specifically designed bags and containers for conservation.

The photographs are added to the inventory and scientifically catalogued according to ICCD (Central Institute for Catalogues and Documentation) regulations for F cards using SIRBEC, a specific software developed by the Region of Lombardy. F cards are stocked together with the digital acquisition of the corresponding photographs according to ICCD regulations.

The reorganisation of the library is being made possible by the numerous internships organised in collaboration with local schools and universities (including the Milan University of Studies and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) and the work of volunteers from National Civil Services organisation.

 Adding Value

The study and research connected to the conservation of the library's heritage, find a natural outlet in the outreach projects that have the purpose of disseminating knowledge about the collection and about photographic culture, while promoting debate on historic topics and contemporary discourse on the arts and visual culture.

These efforts take the form of temporary exhibitions, publications, conferences, meetings and conversations with historians, academics, photographers and members of the culture industry, which the institute organises in collaboration with universities, museums, research organisations and associations.

Acquisitions and Storage

The archive pursues an acquisitions policy, consisting of donations and purchases, with the aim of augmenting both its historic and contemporary collections.
The latest acquisitions include the Gianni Berengo Gardin, Lamberto Vitali Photographer, the Wilhelm von Gloeden and Francesco Radino collections.

In April 2008 the institute decided to take in the entire archive of the photographer Paolo Monti, consisting of 240.000 photographs, work related documents and his library. The archive, belonging to the BEIC Foundation, is fully catalogued and available for public consultation.