The Fulmicotone Cultural Association

Founded in 2013, the Fulmicotone Cultural Association, works together on and promotes  the Archive's activities. More specifically, it proposes new forms of dialogue and support between various fields in the world of photography, using the most up-to-date tools for the promotion and communication of cultural resources so as to reach the widest audience possible.  

The systematic study of the history and techniques of photography and the recognition of its importance at the level of schools, academia and museums, together with a frank discussion on contemporary trends are some of the themes that the Fulmicotone Cultural Association promotes and sustains. 

Photographic Archive, Sforza Castle

Tuesday  15.00-18.00

Tel. 02.88463664
e-mail:    [email protected]

Photographic Network

In January 2014, the Photographic Archive of the City of Milan, became the lead organisation in the PHOTOGRAPHIC NETWORK, a space in which actors who work in different areas of photography can compare ideas and progress, with the aim of promoting the culture of photography.