The Fulmicotone Cultural Association

Founded in 2013,  the Fulmicotone Cultural Association works together with  the Civico Archivio Fotografico for  promotion and valorization activities.
The Association  cooperate to  projects for the inventory and cataloguing of the photographic heritage, supporting and organizing guided tours open to the public. They also organize exhibitions and events and are responsible for communicating through the Institute's social channels.
The Fulmicotone Cultural Association promotes the spreading of the knowledge of the photographic heritage, bringing young people and citizens closer to the history of Italian and specifically Milanese photography, aiming at a wide and diverse audience.


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Photographic Network

The Photographic Archives of the City of Milan from 2014 to 2021 was the lead organisation of RETE FOTOGRAFIA, an association that promotes comparison and updating among entities working in the field of photography with the aim of spreading the culture of photography. The Institute is now a member of the association and holds the honorary presidency



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